The best in Martial Arts training in a casual and fun atmosphere! Our highly certified instructors lead the best classes anywhere.

We train the vast spectrum of people who want to learn martial arts. The curriculum contains a complete education in the martial arts.  This allows you to choose your own direction in the art. Our atmosphere is casual. The uniform is: sweats, athletic shoes and a Minnesota Kali Group t-shirt. Instructors are accessible for questions and advice and are called by their first name. We encourage potential students to take advantage of our free trial week of classes. Download your week free pass on our home page!

A great way to get in shape: Our martial arts classes have always provided a “total body workout” . The physical techniques and training methods provide strength and toning benefits and create a challenging cardiovascular workout.  It’s “go at your own pace” so you can build into the program.   You’ll see positive changes from the very start. Weight will come off, range of motion will increase and you will feel a greater sense of ease when you move.  You will look and feel more powerful.

A fun atmosphere and experience: We believe that if people are having fun they learn much faster and will stick with it longer. We have moved away from the formal environment of the traditional school while maintaining a culture of discipline andrespect. Laughter and humor is used frequently and encouraged. You will never feel out of place. Our students appreciate the casual attire and friendly atmosphere of our school.

Stress Relief: The stress relieving benefits of exercise have been widely accepted. When you add the act of striking something to the amazing skills you will learn here you will see that our version of stress relief is truly effective.   It is like a mini-vacation two to three times a week… troubles and worries seem a million miles away.


What we teach can save your life: Everything we teach is reality-based. The arts we teach have direct and immediate self defense correlation. You will learn from day one to recognize and respond to a wide variety of attacks and situations.  As you train you will be improving the personal attributes that are necessary to handle a self defense situation.

Enhance your life (we will change your body, your mind, your life!):  The MKG Martial Arts experience has enhanced the lives of thousands of students all over the world. Increased confidence, sense of personal safety, self esteem and fitness are just a few of the benefits of our unique training systems.  As you learn to handle situations and develop the physical capabilities in this art you will begin to feel a greater sense of confidence and a reduced sense of fear.  As you continue to to make gains here you will develop a sense of pride in yourself.  Your understanding of others will increase. You will learn to see more in people and the possibilities for each of us.  Through our signature training methods you will learn that anything is possible if it is approached through the right progression. Starting with the most basic things, adding skills and abilities gradually, progressively as you feel ready you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. You will learn at your own pace and in your own way, with our expert help.


Excellent, professional instruction: All instructors at the Minnesota Kali Group are handpicked, coached and developed by Rick Faye and are in a direct lineage to Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto.  You will be learning from the highest level instructors in the world.