Kali & Panantukan (Filipino Martial Arts)

Kali   (Escrima, Arnis, Arnis Demano)

Kali is an ancient word that serves as an umbrella term for all the Filipino martial arts. The word itself translates as the study of body motion. There are many other names for these arts such as Escrima, Arnis or Arnis Demano.

Although the base of the system is  weaponry, it’s empty hand systems feature some of the most sophisticated techniques and training methods in existence. The weaponry training covers a wide spectrum featuring stick, blade and knife as well as flexible weapons and weapons of opportunity.

Weaponry training in our Kali classes emphasize safety first. Movements are broken down into easily learned segments. You will be given the ability to perform techniques such as counters, disarms, sweeps and locks in flow.

Kali is famous for it’s flow drills that are both fun and give a real feel for the movement and speed of combat.

Kali Classes:

Our Kali program includes classes in the different areas of the Filipino martial arts: two Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) classes, a weaponry class and one general Kali class per week cover the spectrum of this art.

These fun classes are intellectually and physically stimulating to the martial artist at any level. Personal exploration and discovery, coordination, balance, self defense, health and fitness are just a few benefits of this beautiful and functional art.

Panantukan Classes

Sometimes called ‘Dirty Boxing’, Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) (pannan-too-can) is the Filipino Boxing system. This method is traditionally used as a back up system for the weaponry. The self defense skills are obvious from the first day. The health benefits are felt over time as you train both sides of the body and progressively get in better shape. Stress relief, weight loss and true martial art skill are benefits of these classes.

The weaponry then helps develop the movement and coordination to perfect the empty hand art. In this class you will be taught a wide variety of strikes. Panantukan uses all possible portions of the hand and fist as well as the elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and feet for striking.


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