Kids Class

The MKG Youth Program involves martial arts motions and exercises from the Filipino arts, Muay Thai and various grappling systems.

Coordination, confidence and exercise are are fostered in this fun filled hour!

Plus mom, dad, and any other family members can participate in ourĀ other classes while the kids are occupied!

Classes are offered:

Ages 7 – 11: Saturdays from 10AM – 11AM and Wednesdays from 6PM – 7PM (starting February 3rd.)

Ages 4 – 6: Saturdays from 11AM – 1130Am


Private and small group lessons are available for all ages. At age 12 kids are encouraged, with parental supervision, to try our adult classes. Fit for the adult program is assessed on a case by case basis and is contingent on 1) safety in training and 2) respect during class.

Contact the front desk with any questions! or 612-821-6800

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