MKG Phase Classes

Phase One Classes:  

The MKG Motto:  Train hard. Have Fun!

We recommend both the curious beginner and the seasoned martial artist begin in our Phase I class. Six phases of development incorporate all the arts we teach and is combined with Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do ( JKD )Concepts. Phase One curriculum comes mostly from Kali, the Jun Fan Martial Arts, Thai boxing and the Jeet Kune Do concepts. Progression through our Phase program is a must for every martial artist looking to develop to his or her fullest potential!

Phase one is our most popular class and is the signature training and development method at our MKG Branch schools. This fun and challenging class contains the base for your development here at the Kali Group. Feel free to work at your own pace for this class. 

Phase I curriculum is designed to expose the student to the different arts that we teach, develop an effective defensive structure, the ability to generate an offense and get him/her in shape. While our goal is to get you in shape, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy the process. The Phase 1 curriculum is broken down into three levels for students to experience a progressive development.  As you move through Phase 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, you will begin to work on your body mechanics, endurance and technique.   Through the drills you will begin to acquire good reactions and automatic responses. Elements from each of these levels can be found in the Phase 1 and the morning combined Phase 1 & 2 classes.

Classes are offered seven times each week. Improve your fitness, health, coordination, self defense, stress relief and cultural appreciation in this fun and friendly class!

More about the Phase Classes:

The Minnesota Kali Group Phase program is a ‘mixed art’ or JKD program. It is our signature method and we recommend it to all new students regardless of their martial arts experience.  You will improve your fitness, self-discipline, coordination and self defense capabilities while you relieve stress and develop a cultural appreciation. Classes are fun and high-energy. Students will be exposed to many different martial arts experiences as they progress through our Phase program.

watermark-3The curriculum covers 6 primary arts or methods; Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali Panantukan, Kali Weaponry, Grappling (BJJ and CSW), Silat and Jun Fan/JKD  (The Jun Fan Martial Arts are comprised of Jun Fan Kickboxing, Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jun Fan Grappling). We have found that studying different arts simultaneously is a great way to develop; each art seems to help the assimilation of the others. As these different arts mix an explosion of technique and training method develops. In time, and after a student develops competency in each area, they will naturally gravitate towards a specialty that fits their body type, training time, personality, life experience, etc. We emphasize that all the methods will be valid for some students at some time.

An overview of the Phases of the MKG Phase Program:

Phase I: Base Curriculum Concepts (Beginner): Phase one is our most popular class. This fun and challenging class contains the base for your development here at the Kali Group. Feel free to work at your own pace for this class.  As you progress through the three levels of Phase One, you will begin to work on your body mechanics, endurance, sensitivity, coordination and technical base.  Once you pass the Phase 1.3 test, you are welcome to join the Phase 2 class.  As the curriculum and goal of each class is different, Phase 2 and 3 students are still encouraged to attend Phase 1 classes._DSC0088Phase 2: Sensitivity Training (Intermediate):  The most exciting part of your development! Entry into Phase 2 starts you on the fun and challenging journey to intermediate level student. The more sophisticated and technical aspects of each art are developed at this phase. Hand and foot trapping, limb destructions and wrenches will all be taught using drills from Kali, Wing Chun and Silat.

The goal is to learn to read and respond to your opponent’s offense, structure and energy without thinking. The drills and training methods in this Phase can be enjoyed, refined and developed over your lifetime and can be practiced at any age. As you test through the three levels of Phase 2 you will experience many of the ‘play’ based development exercises. Cooperative and competitive drills from boxing, grappling, Kali, Muay Thai and Jun Fan/JKD will bring you to Phase 3 and to your development as an ‘advanced’ student.Phase 3: Integrate the Arts (Advanced): Once you are admitted into Phase 3, your learning and martial arts skills will skyrocket! These are the classes and trainings that develop the advanced students and instructors. You will begin to develop your own style, integrate the arts, ranges and techniques you were taught.

You will learn to adapt to different opponents, styles, speeds and ranges. As your skills come together to represent the complete martial spectrum, you will improve your sense of distance, timing, rhythm and flow. Bruce Lee’s JKD concepts and philosophy guide you through advanced levels of Kali, Jun Fan, Muay Thai, Mixed Grappling, Silat and Panantukan. The three levels of testing through Phase 3 will bring you to Phase 4.

Phase 4: Body Changes/Functionalization (Advanced):  In Phase 4 your training will really take hold in your body and your mind.  These classes are non-stop action that flows through the spectrum of arts.  Phases one through three have installed the necessary skills to train at the very highest levels.

Phase 5: Finding your own Direction: One of the most challenging and exciting parts of your development! In this phase you will be encouraged to follow your personal interests and specialize in a specific area of the art. Your specialization and development will be detailed between you and your instructor. Single art or range training goals, Instructorship attainment and competition goals are some of the directions Phase 5 students have chosen to pursue. Truly representative of the Jeet Kune Do philosophy behind the MKG Phase Program, Phase 5 will be uniquely yours to develop with the aid of your instructor.

Phase 6: Positive use of the Art:  This is the most rewarding phase of our system. You will be encouraged to find an outlet where you can use this art to help people in some way.  Creative instructors have used this art in many different ways to benefit people and the community.  From training the handicapped to helping people lose weight or just help out in the neighborhood, each advanced student finds some way to give back.