Women’s Kickboxing Workout

A kickboxing class for women only!  This class provides a workout for all fitness levels that combines curriculum from Jun Fan Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, French Savate, Boxing, Filipino boxing and the JKD Concepts. You will get in great shape and while learning some effective self defense and kickboxing skills. The workout is “go at your own pace” so you can work up to your maximum potential.

Twin Cities Women’s Kickboxing Classes at MKG – a Great Workout:  

Bring a friend or come in and train with someone who is already experienced and knows the ropes. The classes consist of a warm up, pad work on either the focus mitts or thai pads, a cool down and a strength development component. Offered twice a week: Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Lots of fun, a great workout and great self defense/martial arts information!

Muay Thai, Friday night Kickboxing, Phase 1 and Women’s Kickboxing for your Kickboxing workout!


Our Friday night kickboxing class is geared to all levels from the beginner to the fighter.  Join us for a fun, challenging and efficient kickboxing workout.  You’ll be challenged by the mix of Thai, Chinese, Filipino and even French kickboxing methods.   Shake off your work week and start your weekend out right in this one hour mixed kickboxing “total body” workout.