Yoga (Budokon)

Budokon Sundays at MKG in Minneapolis


We begin with the Budokon Basics and explore variations of postures from beginner to advanced based on the practitioners current fitness level. This class is a conditioning classes open to anyone at any fitness level. Come prepared to move, sweat, and play! Bring water and towel. Below is a description of the different levels.

Budokon Basics (Level 1): This is the perfect class for anyone brand new or just getting started with the Budokon practice. Students will cover the fundamental techniques that comprise the system at a slow and steady pace. The theme of this class is slowing down to master the basics. All levels welcome.

Budokon Flow& Flexibility (Level 1 – 2): This class is breaking molds and traditional perceptions of hatha yoga. Budokon’s dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary yoga asana and martial arts builds upon the yoga practitioner’s base knowledge of traditional hatha yoga while challenging the practitioner to push past conventional yogic practices. If you love power or vinyasa flow yoga and want to see their evolutionary potential, this is the class for you.

Budokon Strength & Balance (Level 1 – 2): If you love to play upside down and defy gravity or just really want to learn how, this class will blow your fears away. If you would like to learn or perfect handstands, arm & leg balances and floating, the answers are in this class. This class builds arm, shoulder and leg strength while creating great range of motion in hamstrings and hips.

Budokon Power & Agility (Level 2 – 3): This class moves at a rapid pace seamlessly transitioning from the ground to standing, from yoga to martial arts, from acceleration to deceleration. Come and see what the two most ancient art forms merged together into one synergistic expression looks and feels like. Perfect for yogis, martial artists and athletes looking to raise the bar. This cardio inspired class builds explosive power, tones muscles and burns major calories.



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