Self Defense


MKG offers an incredibly wide variety of self defense and specialty training’s. These run from our women’s self defense programming, to law enforcement and tactical training, to specialized sports training based on our martial arts curriculum.

Keep an eye on this page for self defense workshops open to the public, or continue reading to learn more about private lessons and group workshops.

Organizations that we have developed specialized programming are:

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And MANY More!

If you are interested in a private or corporate workshop, please reach out directly to our manager at!


Self defense workshops:

Over the 20 years of teaching this class we have had numerous women contact us after the class to tell us of their ‘self defense success story’.  These women credit the few hours in the MKG Self Defense class as giving them the skills to navigate and survive a spectrum of different assault situations. Some were able to identify and deter an attack from starting, others were able to immediately go into an effective ‘attack the attacker’ counter offensive mode and get away.  The most rewarding part of our job is to hear these success stories.

Classes and seminars cover the basics of avoidance and awareness. This includes how to spot trouble and avoid it,  how not to present an appealing target, and what to do if you must defend yourself.  The moves are simple and effective.  Designed for the complete novice and effective for any ability level, age, etc. The atmosphere of the class is a fun learning environment by design.  We always encourage the self defense students to only do what they are comfortable with.  We always try to make sure people leave the class laughing but with some new information as well as added confidence and skills.

In our long form classes you will have a chance to practice these life saving techniques on fully padded “attackers” that provide real-life situations in a safe training environment. Our shorter workshops focus more on partner work, and basic learning of the skills. There is always the option of follow up training to hone any skills and practice on the padded attacker more. The class is geared for women and girls aged 14 and up.


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The MKG Self defense program is offered as both public and private workshops. Our core curriculum addresses simple, effective tools for safety and self defense.

Email us at to find out about private self defense lessons, workshops and more.

Call or email for more information! Our email address is: Phone: 612 – 821 – 6800


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