MKG Teen’s Program

We will be launching our MKG Teens program on January 6th. Check out the video for a quick overview! OR Sign up HERE for 3 free weeks of the teen program!

Basically, students in this program will be a combination of all of the different arts we offer at MKG, based out of our signature Phase program – which has been proven at over 20 schools in over 5 countries. Participants in this class will become:

– More Focused
– More Active
– Actually enjoy their after school activity.

While they are getting fit and having fun, we will secretly be giving them

– Neuro-muscular development and coordination
– Creative problem solving skills
– Self Confidence

We are SUPER excited about this, so to get everyone off to the right start, we have a couple of promotions going on. More on those below, but first lets meet the instructors in more depth!




SO, Great curriculum, great instructors. Let’s look at the schedule next. 

Our Teen’s program will launch with 4 classes a week. We will offer the Teens Program at 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then at 1pm on Saturday. We all know they’re gonna sleep in, but the might as well get some activity after that!

Now, those promotional deals we mentioned earlier:

#1 – Lets get everyone some free classes! Sign up HERE ahead of time, and get 3 free weeks of membership. January 6th will be the first class, and we will treat that as an introduction and fundamentals class to get everyone off to a good start. If you can’t make it – don’t worry! Still get your Teen signed up and we’ll get them started whenever you are able!

#2 – Extended sign up package for the teens program

This will include:

– 2 months of membership
– Registration fee
– 3 half hour private lessons
– MKG Teens t-shirt
– A pair of Kali sticks, gloves, and eye protection 

 It is $197. All the lessons, toys, and gear we are throwing in would end up costing over $500.

We will never offer a deal like this again, so if you or someone you know wants to get in on this, now is the time.

We do also have gift certificates for this package. Get the kid’s all set for the program and take care of their Christmas present at the same time.

Spread the word to other parents with rowdy teenagers, and lets have the COOLEST martial arts program for teens ever.