The MKG Menu by Rick Faye

The Martial arts are like the menu of a restaurant.  The dishes vary greatly and each appeals to a certain individual.  Martial art is indeed like many restaurants.  You may prefer Italian one night and Thai food the next.  You may not like steak when someone else does.  There are as many methods in martial arts as there are ways to cook food.  Finding what is just right for you can take years of experimentation.

Here at the Minnesota Kali Group, the martial arts are presented as a menu.  We know that each individual who comes here to train has a unique set off abilities, experiences, needs and ideas. To give these students the experience they are after, we present as complete a spectrum of martial art training as possible. There is no one approach that meets the needs of every student.

In the early days when this art was being put together and researched, Dan Inosanto and Bruce Lee realized that martial art styles were, by nature, incomplete.  No one art offered the complete spectrum of training and methods that are necessary to form a complete martial artist.   They also saw the need for training that fit the individual student rather than making the student fit the style.  Taking the strong points in each art they studied enabled them to work as guides for each student.  Knowing that each type of training developed a certain quality in the student, they could tailor the program to specific needs.  This is why the saying evolved that “Jeet Kune Do is not a style which can be taught”.  It is an understanding of personal development.  It is really the science of developing specific attributes and understandings and then maintaining them as you go through life.
At the Minnesota Kali Group we are carrying on this tradition.  Our instructors are trained to look at each student for strengths and challenges.  We want people to appreciate the strengths they have and learn new methods to improve the areas that are challenges for them.

As you look into the different classes and programs you will find things that match your strengths and we hope you will venture out into programs that challenge you as well.  Remember that all these arts and methods compliment each other.  Creating a well-rounded martial artist is our goal.  We hope this contributes to being a well-rounded person.

An open mind is one of the most important aspects of martial Art and life.  Being able to understand where a certain method is valid is the cornerstone of JKD.  Please feel free to try out all of our programs and be sure to ask questions of our instructors.

We hope you enjoy your time here at MKG. Let’s have some fun and get training!

Rick Faye