MKG Branches

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Rick Faye and the Minnesota Kali Group’s signature teaching style, the MKG Method, is offered at MKG Branches around the globe.

Each branch owner has had in depth training with and been certified under Guro Rick Faye.
Like the art itself, each instructor has flavored his presentation, environment and training with his or her experience and knowledge to create a unique but similar experience to the MKG flagship school.

MKG International Headquarters is located at 4532 Chicago ave. S in Minneapolis.

Affiliates and Branches are:

MKG Detroit:

Detroit, MI

Owner/ head instructor: Kurt Cornwell

MKG Duluth:

Duluth, MN | USA  

Owner/Head Instr: Drake Ritchie

MKG Northmkgn

New Brighton, MN USA

Owner/Head Instructor: Peter Kwong


MKG International – Madison:

Madison, WI | USA  

Owner/Head Instr.:  Josh Prior



Fusion Fitness MMA:

Elgin, IL | USA

Owner & Head Instructor:  Jeff Kim



MKG – Cleveland:mkgclev

Cleveland, OH | USA 

Owner & Head Instructor: David Hearst


MKG – Seattle:

Seattle, WA | USA  

Owner & Head Instructor:  Andy Wilson


MKG – U.K.:

Bournemouth |ENGLAND

Owner/Head Instr: Brendan Westwood


M.C. Kali Group:


Owner/ Head Instr: Melvin Corrigan

MKG Hertfordshire:

Borehamwood |ENGLAND 

Owner/Head Instr: Gary Hoptroff

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