Silat workshop with Peter Kwong!

Just to sneak in some more martial arts prior to the Inosanto seminar, our very own Peter Kwong. Come join us for… Well… just watch the video:

Sign up HERE, or just call us! MKG students and anyone attending the Guro Inosanto seminar will receive a HUGE discount on this. ($50 normal price, $35 for students, $30 for Seminar attendees).

Guro Dan Inosanto February 17th & 18th!

Save your spot HERE!

guro inosanto is yoda from MKG International on Vimeo.

Satuday 12-5pm

Sunday 10am-3pm

$195/ 2 days – $105 for 1 day

Grandmaster Ajarn Chai Sirisute April 14th & 15th

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Simply put: this is the pinnacle of Thai Boxing in the United States. Ajarn Chai is the man who founded the World Thai Boxing Association and brought this art to the United States.

Think of it this way; if the person who OWN’s your gym learns from this man, it’s probably worth the weekend!

Sifu Francis Fong June 16th and 17th

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 MKG Summer Camp 2018 August 9th Р12th

Registration details pending

We have plans to make this a CAMP again this year. I.e. we are looking to have it out in nature this time around, back to the good ol’ days.

Guro Dan Inosanto September 22nd & 23rd 2018

Saturday 12-5pm
Sunday 10am-3pm
$195/ 2 days – $105 1 day


 2018 International Instructors Conference:

Slated for Osaka Japan, November of 2018. We are still getting details hammered out, and will have registration – along with info for flights and hotels – posted by November of this year. More information, specific dates, etc. to follow.